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MGP (Machine Graded Pine)

Machine Graded Pine (MGP) is one system of Mechanical stress grading.  The MGP system provides a set of grades with specific properties.  The grades are MGP 10, MGP 12 and MGP 15.

Sizes available:
70 x 35, 90 x 35, 120 x 35, 190 x 35, 240 x 35

70 x 45, 90 x 45, 120 x 45, 140 x 45, 190 x 45

240 x 45, 290 x 45

Timber Preservative Treatments

CCA - (Copper, Chromium and Arsenic salts)
CCA is a water-borne preservative treatment of pine timber. CCA is pressure impregnated into the wood and has a high resistance to chemicals leaching out of the timber over time.  This high resistance is due to the chromium which locks in the elements of copper and arsenic into the wood.  The arsenic and copper elements protect from insect and fungal attack.  Pine which has been treated with CCA is clean, ordourless and has a light green colour.

LOSP - (Light Organic Solvent-borne perservative)
LOSP is a solvent-borne preservative treatment of pine timber.  The organic solvent takes the preservative into the wood and is drawn out in the last stages of treatment leaving the preservative in the wood. LOSP treated pine has long lasting protection against decay and insect attack. LOSP treated timber is great for appearance applications such as external joinery, due to it leaving the light coloured appearance unchanged after treatment.

Tanalised® T
Tanalised® T is a safe organic based insecticide treatment which protects wood against termites. It is made up of a common insecticide called permethrin and a linseed oil blend,which makes it safe and cost effective. The timber treated with this treatment is used for framing and roof trusses in construction. There are two versions of this treatment; one blue in colour which is only suitable for uses in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn and red which is suitable for all areas in Australia. Koppers Arch guarantee this treatment for 25 years when used in accordance with the building code and Australian Standards.

Insect Borer (other than termites) hazard
Framing, flooring, furniture, etc.

Insect Borer and termite hazard
Framing, flooring, trusses

Moderate fungal decay and termite hazard
Decking, fencing, cladding
Window joinery, exterior structural timber

High fungal decay and termite hazard
Fencing, greenhouses, pergolas
Non-structural and landscaping timbers

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