Worldwide Timber Traders

Treated Pine Primed Products

Treated pine primed products are available in various treatments and products. Listed below are some of the products that are stocked at Worldwide Timber Traders.

LOSP Primed Barge                       190mm x 30mm
LOSP Primed Barge Clears              185mm x 30mm H3 treated
LOSP Primed Barge Clears             230mm X 31mm H3 treated
Primed Posts                                 88mm x 88mm, 112mm x 112mm, 135mm x 135mm
LOSP Primed Square Balusters        42mm x 42mm H3 treated
LOSP Primed Hand Rail                   65mm x 63mm H3 treated
LOSP Primed Bottom Rail                66mm x 32mm H3 treated

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