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Radiata Pine is medium density softwood.

The features of pine include:
Attractive appearance that makes it ideal for use inside homes and other people frequented buildings.  Natural variations in grain and knot patterns are a key feature of its popularity for interior use.  Pine is easy to nail and has good nail holding ability.

Characteristics: Dry and stable characteristics that gives Radiata Pine considerably increased stability, minimal shrinkage, checking and warp in normal protected service conditions.
Resistance: Resistance to fungal and insets in its seasoned state with good nail holding power and acceptance of perservative and finishing treatment.
Workability: Easy to work and dress, stain, glue, saw, plane, cut, nail, drill and screw with ordinary hand tools.

Finished Size:

140 X 12T & G R.O.M. (Run of the Mill) Panelling
42 x 19
70 x 19
90 x 19
140 x 19
190 x 19
240 x 19
290 x 19



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