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/ Pulai

Origin: Malaysia
Working Properties: A light hardwood with straight grain, suitable for pattern making and toy making
Sizes: 50mm, 75mm thicknesses

American White Oak
Origin: North America / Canada
Working Properties: High quality furniture timber, easy to work with and easy to steam bend to create shapes. Commonly used to make wine barrels and vats.
Sizes:25mm & 50mm thickness 

American Cherry
Origin: America
Working Properties: Canadian, eastern and mid-west USA hardwood. Figured grain, suitable for steam bending. Used for quality cabinetmaking, turning and interior joinery. Very stable.
Sizes: On application

American Rock Maple
Origin: U.S.A. / Canada
Description: Creamy white, generally with a reddish tinge. Wavy to straight grain with a natural sheen. Fine and even texture.
Working Properties: Hard and durable and high resistance to abrasion makes it excellent for flooring. Produces a good quality finish when stained and polished
Sizes: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm thickness. 

Steamed Beech
Origin: Europe
Working Properties: High quality decorative timber, suitable for veneers and furniture construction and is easy to glue and turns well.
Sizes: 50mm thickness

Origin: Australian
Description: Colour varies from a rich reddish brown to a soft salmon pink. It has a clean smooth surface and a dense straight grain.
Working Properties: It has excellent staining qualities and can be used from construction work to furniture. Possesses a high natural resistance to decay, termites, borers, rot and fire. 

Origin: Malaysia
Description: Pale pink to reddish brown. Straight grain and fine texture.
Working Properties: Moderately soft to hard and strong. Works to a fine finish, holds nails well and takes a good polish. Easy to work with both machine and hand tools.
Sizes: subject to availability.

C&B Oregon
Origin: USA / Canada
Working Properties: Commonly used for, boat building, furniture, and vats
Sizes: 50mm thickness

Origin: Malaysia
Working Properties: A Joinery Timber with a stringy grain easily worked, but can be hard to kiln dry
Sizes: 125mm x 50mm, 150mm x 50mm

Western Red Cedar
Origin: USA / Canada
Working Properties: We source our Western Red Cedar from sustainably managed and harvested forests. Known as a superior species in terms of stability and durability, Cedar will stand the test of time and because of the low density of the species, it possesses superior installation qualities. The natural colour tones, ranging from light straw through to buff and warm red to the occasional deep brown, coupled with the endless variety of textures and grains, make it ideal to age naturally or paint or stain to achieve your desired aesthetic.
Sizes: 150mm x 50mm, other sizes subject to availability.
Panelling / Cladding available in raw and pre-finishes call for details.

Dark Red Meranti
Origin: Malaysia
Description: A kiln dried timber ideal for, general joinery, doors, door frames, window frames and light construction.  Easily machined and worked.
Sizes: 125mm x 50mm, 150mm x 50mm, 200mm x 50mm

Victorian Ash
Origin: Australia
Working Properties: Excellent worlability and the hard wearing nature of Victorian  Ash make it suitable for a full range of internal joinery and timber lining products including:
Architraves / Skirtings, Laminated Benchtops, Cabinetry, Doors, Floors, Handrails, Mouldings, Stair Treads.
Sizes:     75mm < 200mm  x 25mm
              75mm < 250mm x 38mm
              150mm < 300mm x 50mm
Thicknesses: 25mm, 38mm 50mm

Timber Sundries

  • Batu Reeded Decking
  • Pine LOSP
  • Meranti Finger Jointed 42mm x 19mm
  • Meranti Finger Jointed 42mm x 18mm (White Vinyl Wrapped)
  • Meranti Finger Jointed 70mm x 18mm (White Vinyl Wrapped)
  • Meranti Finger Jointed Shelf Rail 70mm x 18mm (White Vinyl Wrapped)
  • Handrail & Accessories (balustrade, ladies waist handrail, bottom rail)

Engineered Timber Beams

  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
  • Glue Laminated Timber (GLULAM)
  • LVLs and GLULAMs Beams are an Engineered Timber Product, compromising of timber glued together to make a Stress-Rated Product


  • Wespine Standard Grade Pine
  • New Zealand Dressed Pine
  • Wespine utility Grade Pine
  • Non-structural Grade
  • MGP10 Structural Grade
  • Supapine H3 MGP10 Structural Treated Pine
  • Blue Pine H2 Treated MGP10 Structural Pine
  • CCA Treated Dry Sawn Pine
  • Dry Sawn Pine

Miscellaneous CCA Treated Pine Products

  • Palings
  • Posts
  • Treated Decking
  • LOSP Barge Primed
  • Rusticated Weatherboard
  • CCA Pine DSD
  • CCA Pine Windsor Pickets
  • Permapole CCA Treated

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