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Particleboard Flooring - The Laminex Group
Trade Essentials® Particleboard Flooring provides the best protection there is against damage caused by damp or humid conditions. Indeed, it is made to quality standards so high, not even the worst weather can flaw it if the guidelines in this brochure are followed.

Click here to view the Particle Flooring Trade Essentials Guide brochure.

STRUCTAflor - DR Henderson
STRUCTAflor® Particleboard Flooring with its distinctive colour-coded tongue Yellowtongue®, Redtongue® and Bluetongue® brands is the leading sheet flooring product in its class with proven reliability and durability

Click here to view the STRUCTAflor Design & Installation Manual brochure.

Hardieflex - James Hardie
Hardieflex - A durable, low maintenance eaves lining produced in special widths making it easier to incorporate into home designs, providing a traditional panelled look.

Click here to visit the Hardieflex website.

Villaboard linings - James Hardie
Villaboard - A flat internal wall lining that provides an excellent foundation for a durable, impact-resistant, professional finish that is resistant to moisture damage. The lining can be painted, wallpapered or tiled to create or complement a wide range of design looks.

Click here to visit the Villaboard website.

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