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Why build with Worldwide's screwed steel wall frames?

  • State of the art manufacturing process.
  • Advantage of getting a complete wall and roof engineered package from one supplier.
  • Constructed to meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing requirements.
  • Screwed, not welded, means no heat distortion or burnt galvanising.
  • Superior Fastening System using Buildex GX framing screw®.
  • Straight and true finish for gyprock.
  • Termite-proof and non-combustible.
  • Healthier home. No chemical treatments are required for termites and borer.
  • Australian BlueScope Steel with a 50-year guarantee.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Less wastage in production.
  • Light frames allow for greater ease of handling on site.

Worldwide Timber Traders (WWTT) in Bibra Lake owns and operates on site a brand new state of the art Roll Forming machine which produces precision components using BlueScope TrueCore® Steel. It is the only machine in WA which produces C-section with an extra two folds to make a lipped section which is 60% stronger than the conventional C-section. The roll form machine reads directly from the CAD software to roll, punch and cut the components to an accuracy of < 0. 5mm. All holes for wall frame connections, tie downs, services, drainage and bolting to slab are incorporated within the components.

With building regulations becoming more complicated it is nice to know you can get the design certification of the entire framed structure from one supplier. Whether it is residential, commercial or cyclonic WWTT has the experience and expertise needed to design the building from the roof down and supply a complete engineered product. It’s also comforting to know that the same supplier is then able to schedule the supply and delivery of the frames and trusses in a logical timeline.

It’s easy to produce a superior product when you have the backing of a national association which supports both the technical and innovative development of your industry. With advances in Materials, CAD design, cold roll forming and fixings, steel framing has the continuing support of many large well known Australian companies well into the future.

The frames are screwed together with Buildex GX framing screws® which are designed to sit flush in the pre-punched dimpled holes. Buildex has been at the forefront of developing this fully engineered connection specifically designed for light steel framing. This has the advantage of not harming the integrity of the protective galvanizing and not having the members distort with the heat from welding. Screwed frames offer more versatility on site as they are easier to modify and plumb with bracing. The faster fabrication times from this system are also passed on to the consumer in the way of a more cost effective product.

WWTT steel wall frames are 100% termite and borer proof. This also means no additional chemical treatments are required to protect your home; this also creates a healthier home and is recognised in Australia and internationally as the preferred alternative for those suffering from asthma.

BlueScope Steel provides a 50-year warranty for its TrueCore® used correctly in steel house frames. Steel framing is the only framing material for which any kind of structural durability warranty is offered. The protective coatings are tough, continuous, of uniform thickness, tightly adherent, and strongly resistant to corrosion. They are applied to both sides of the steel by the hot-dip process.

Steel Frames are made of thin gauge, high tensile steel and have been engineered to achieve a very high efficiency of material use. Because steel properties are predictable, over-engineering is minimised and no superfluous material is designed in. Steel frames are fabricated from components made specifically for each individual job, thus minimising wastage due to scrap. Scrap wastage on the actual building site is also minimal because very little if any cutting is required.

Steel frames are light (yet very strong) and easily handled and do not absorb water in wet weather. WWTT steel frames are marked by a specialised indelible printer incorporated within the Roll Former Machine which is easy to read on site. With each house-lot, WWTT provides a complete frame and truss layout and a comprehensive installation guide.

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