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Precision Fit
Worldwide Timber Traders (WWTT) Bibra Lake owns and operates on-site a brand new, state of the art Roll Forming machine which produces precision components using BlueScope True Core Steel. It is the only machine in WA which produces C-Section with an extra two-folds to make a lipped section which is 60% stronger than un-lipped. The roll form machine reads directly from the CAD software to roll, punch and cut the components to an accuracy of < 0. 5mm.

Termite Resistant
WWTT trusses are 100% termite and borer proof. This also means no additional chemical treatments are required to protect your home; this also creates a healthier home and is recognized in Australia and internationally as the preferred alternative for those suffering from asthma.

Less Labour Intensive
With WWTT’s steel roof trusses time is on your side as any skilled building professional can set roof trusses into place. Being less labour intensive than conventional framing, WWTT’s timber trusses increase production without the need for extra labour.

Increased Efficiency & Production
For every stick-built house, a builder can produce 3 component homes of the exact same size. Arriving at the job site ready to install, Steel roof trusses eliminate common framing delays allowing you to build faster, build better.

Guaranteed Performance

Quality controlled for accuracy, WWTT’s timber trusses are guaranteed to perform and built to meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) requirements. Homeowners who opt for steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel can be confident their homes are built to last backed up by BlueScope’s 50-year warranty on materials.

Components Cost Less
Unlike conventional framing, Steel roof trusses do not contribute to job site waste, leaving builders with smaller clean-up costs. Incidence of vandalism and theft is reduced because trusses are delivered exactly when needed. And, better weather protected materials decrease the likelihood of defective products and material shortages.

Custom Built
Our professional designers will take your exact loading specifications and deliver custom trusses, built precisely to fit your needs. Not to mention, we’ll always provide you with the most economical and accurate application for your individual requirements. So, whatever the project, Worldwide Timber Trusses will present you with custom built trusses manufactured to the highest tolerances.


Because WWTT steel frames are fabricated off-site to exact specifications, there is minimal cutting and wastage in production or onsite making for a cleaner building environment.  WWTT only uses Australian BlueScope steel that is both 100% recyclable and manufactured using 30% recycled steel; steel is recognized as one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

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