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Steel Pryda Span Floor Trusses
Steel Pryda Span (SPS) Floor Trusses have been developed by AusSteel, and are available in 250mm and 300mm depths.  The unique SPS Floor System incorporates Pryda Span steel webs to create a lightweight floor joist, the main feature of which is that steel floor sections are easy to handle and install on-site, making placement and fixing a breeze. Joists are deep open web profile designed and fabricated to correct length to be immediately installed in situ allowing trades to walk around on the floor as it is formed. This quickly installed platform can then be loaded with the packs of flooring ready for installation.

The open web system allows for bracing to be attached in the opposite direction to the joist allowing the joists work together as a diaphragm instead of individually. The open webs also allows for services such as plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning to be run easily inside the floor depth. A joist of 300mm in depth can easily span 6.0m in a domestic situation and the floor systems are shrinkage free offering no settling in periods. This makes the product ideal for mezzanine floors and 2nd storey houses where a clear unrestricted area is required underneath.

Steel Pryda Span (SPS) Floor Trusses
are totally termite, borer and dry rot proof so you can build your dream home with confidence. They're free from toxic chemical treatments and are non combustible. Steel framing is the right choice for the environment because it is and always will be 100% recyclable. SPS floor systems are engineer designed for Project builders, Custom homes builders. Commercial builders or even Kit Home buyers and are Australian Standard compliant and supplied in accordance with Building Codes of Australia.

DuraGal Flooring System
The DuraGal Flooring System can help save money on site preparation costs by reducing the amount of site excavation, retaining walls and drainage, ideal for those sloping sites where excavation is too expensive or simply not permitted by the local authorities. Larger bearer and joist spans can significantly reduce the number of pier footings required.

Galvanized base plates are anchored direct onto the concrete pad footings, Steel stumps are cut to length on-site and fixed straight to the bases, making for trouble free installation. Bearers and joist are then simply fixed into position by following site instructions. The DuraGal Flooring System is a fully engineered steel flooring system developed to provide a termite resistant, economical and easy-to-install alternative to conventional timber bearers & joists.

Spantec Boxspan Flooring Sytems

Boxspan floor system members are fabricated from a roll formed beam manufactured from two “C” shaped sections of high tensile, zinc coated steel, mechanically locked together with a patented process. The result is a 40-60% lighter beam with the strength of steel and the versatility of timber.

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