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By choosing to use Worldwide Steel Framing system for your project you are also backed by some well known companies whose reputations stand behind the finished product.

AusSteel has been an innovator in the Steel Frame and Truss industry since 1992. They are an Australian owned company with Australian designed and engineered fabrication system.  AusSteel takes pride in maintaining an ongoing learning environment and has invested significant amounts of money and time into product development.

Pryda has worked in conjunction with AusSteel to develop products which can be utilised in the steel frame industry. Examples of this are the Steel Pryda Span Floor Truss, Tie downs and connectors for steel trusses and strap bracing.

Quik Series is world renowned as an innovative light gauge steel construction software developed in New Zealand, using IntelliCAD as a platform. Quik Series is a very stable computer engineering software.

Nash (National Association of Steel Framed Housing) was formed in 1982, initially to represent the interests of the fabricators of steel framing systems for housing. Since then, its scope has expanded to include all forms of low-rise steel framed construction.

BlueScope Steel Australian product TRUECORE® steel has a distinctive blue resin surface finish. It's your guarantee that it's the genuine article, specifically designed for use in residential framing. TRUECORE® carries a 50-year warranty and is a high tensile G550 steel which is cold roll formed into 90mm C-sections which meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) requirements.

Buildex who developed the GX Framing screw to overcome cyclonic stresses placed on screws in light steel. The GX screw improved holding ability also provides a flush surface finish.

By choosing to use Worldwide Steel Framing for your project you are considering;


  • Straight lines for plastering.
  • Very stable and uniform material.
  • All engineering part of the computer design.
  •  Not affected by termites or borer.
  •  Protective coatings of either TRUECORE® 45% zinc / 55 % aluminium alloy.
  •  A natural phenomenon known as sacrificial protection prevents corrosion of any steel exposed at cut edges.
  •  Won’t deteriorate if delays cause it to be stored on building site.
Ease of Use
  •  Lightweight for ease of handling on site.
  •  Simple to fit together following CAD layouts.
  •  All service holes, slab fixing holes and truss fixings pre-punched.
  •  Wall frame material of choice in the Northwest for cyclonic areas.
  •  An excellent choice when building a bushfire resistant home.
  •  Extra rolled lips on C-section create a safe edge for handling.
  •  100% recyclable material.
  •  Less site wastage and inherent wastage in production.
  •  Less dependence on chemicals needed to treat the slab for termites.
  •  The incidence of asthma and sensitivity to chemicals is on the increase and steel frames have been used to achieve allergen-free and dust-free interiors.

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