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RB Lauan Plywood (Interior)
Lauan plywood is manufactured from various species of hardwood. Due to its softness, it has specialty applications.

External Use:
Internal Use:
Interior Wall Panelling Furniture and Fitments Interior Door Skins Wall & Ceiling Linings Underlay
Size: 2400mm x 1200mm
Thickness: 3.6mm

Flexi - Ply
Flexi-Ply is easy to use and offers practically no resistance to bending. Lined with a second piece it will retain its given shape.

External Use: Doors - Panelling - Store Fixtures - Film Sets - Yacht & Boat Projects - Formwork & Landscaping -Arches
Internal Use: Cabinet Making - Furniture Making - Columns - Doors - Stair Stringers - Case Goods - Kitchens - Panelling - Ceilings - Exhibitions - Film Sets
Size: 2440mm x 1220mm, 2440mm x 1240mm
Thickness: 5mm

Plastic Faced Formply (External)
Formply is a type of plywood generally used in the construction industry as a means of supporting concrete prior to it curing and becoming a floor. The plywood surface is overlaid on both sides with phenolic paper to act as a barrier between the curing concrete and the timber surface of the plywood.

External Use: Concrete Form Work
2400mm x 1200mm
Thickness: 17mm

WBP Hardwood (Exterior & Interior)
A water-based resistant film - faced veneered hardwood using WBP glue (WBP being a property / feature of the glue stands for "Water and Boil Proof"). This offers protection for the panel when exposed to weather, water and moisture for long periods (some may be permanently) without delaminating.

External Use: Marine Uses - Formwork - Signs
Internal Use: Furniture Making - Cabinet Making - Underlay
Size: 2440mm x 1220mm
Thickness: 4mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm

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