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Worldwide Timber Traders is proud to be the stockist of Plyco Flexi-Plywod.  The flexible plywood, stocked locally at WWTT, can be painted, stained, veneered, and plastered – designed according to the creative insticts of clients and designers.

Constructed from Fuma/Ceiba species with a MR "B" bond glue line for interior application only.  Flexi-Ply can be bent, curved, moulded into any desired form without clipping, cracking, peeling or straining.  Available in both long-grain or cross-grain, there is a flexi-ply to suit your needs.

The massive flexibility of the plywood makes it suitable for one-off jobs, form and mould making, and construction of curvy interior panels.  It can be simply bent by hand and allows for tight radius' to be created along with multiple bends allowing for a great number of possible applications.

5mm Flexi Ply Long Grain 24 x 12
5mm Flexi Ply X-Banded 24 x 12

Austral Bendy-Ply is available to order.

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