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Formplac and Melatone (HPL) High Pressure Laminate is available in a range of economic sizes to suit the demands from both the Commercial and Retail market.  Formplac and Melatone are available in Postforming Grade as standard making it a very favourable feature and can be Postformed to all the latest Square Form profiles.

Laminate Thickness
Plain Colours, Woodgrains, Patterns 0.7mm

Standard Sheet sizes available: 3660mm x 1560mm, 3660mm x 780mm, 1830mm x 1560mm
Other options available: 3080mm x 1250mm

Premium Collection
Laminate Thickness 0.8mm (Pietra and Gloss Finishes)
Standard Sheet sizes available: 3630mm x 1530mm

Metallic Laminate
Laminate Thickness 1mm
Standard Sheet sizes available: 3050mm x 1230mm, 3660mm x 1230mm (Brushed Aluminium only)

Real Wood Laminate
Standard Sheet sizes available: 2450mm x 1230mm

Melacore (Polycarb)
Translucent Laminate 3mm
Standard Sheet sizes available: 3050mm x 1230mm
Laminate Thickness: 3mm

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