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WTT's 10-Acre SiteWorldwide Timber Traders (WWTT) has evolved from a green hardwood sawmiller supplying wholesale timber to becoming one of the largest distributors and/or manufacturers of decorative panels, veneers, laminates, benchtops, sheet materials, timber and trusses.  Our products have been specified and featured in prominent recent projects in Perth such as Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth T3 Domestic Airport, Silks at Crown Perth, Victoria Station, Joondalup Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Established in 1966 by Peter Guerini and Lloyd Marchesi, WWTT first operated under the name of Timber Traders Cockburn (TTC) located in Hamilton Hill. The company was relocated in 1977 to Worldwide's current 10-acre site in Bibra Lake and expanded to supply all structural, joinery and furniture timbers. The company also branched into the production of timber veneered panels and the supply/machining of panel products for the furniture industry. The veneering plant was upgraded into a modern automated operation producing unparalleled products for the furniture and allied industries. The truss plant was established in 1988 by Serge Guerini to utilise plantation timber for the prefabrication of engineered roof, floor trusses and wall frames.

In 2001, TTC decommissioned the hardwood sawmill to focus on plantation structural timber, furniture timber and further expansion of the veneering and panel section.  In February 2003, a merger took place with Worldwide Timber Sales (WTS), established by Carlo Santostefano, to supply the pine and allied furniture to the commercial markets in Western Australia.  The merger between TTC and WTS combined both the benefits of experience and resources to form WWTT, an Australian-owned company.  Today, WWTT offers a wide variety of market leading products including engineered and natural veneers, timber, MDF, laminates, plywood products and composite decking.  From Eveneer to Outback Decking + Fencing, WWTT's variety continues to grow.

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